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CEMA Foundation is a 501c3 not-for-profit community organization dedicated to providing enriching cultural experiences in the arts. Our programs and workshops are designed to foster creativity and self-expression among people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. As a volunteer-run organization, we are passionate about promoting cultural diversity and unity through the arts and engaging with the local community. Join us on our mission to make art experiences accessible and empowering for everyone. Contact CEMA today to learn more about our programs and how you can help support the arts in our community.  Programs and activities developed by CEMA are designed to:

  • Promote educational, cultural, recreational and other charitable activities in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia for the benefit of the residents of all of these communities.

  • Enhance and strengthen the cultural, educational, charitable, civic and community infrastructure in Maryland and its neighboring communities.

  • Promote the cultural arts through music, drama, fine arts, entertainment, sports, recreation and other charitable activities through community events and group activities.

  • Develop and promote the annual Cultural Enrichment, Music, and Arts Festival and Conference aka CEMAFEST as a community event for the benefit of the residents of the City of Laurel, Prince Georges County, neighboring communities, and tourists.

  • Pursue public and private grants, donations and contributions, to be recognized by state and local taxing authorities as a tax-exempt organization and to be able to partner with other nonprofit organizations for the benefit of the community at large.


For the past several years, CEMA Foundation has been committed to creating an environment that promotes the arts and cultural enrichment in the community. Our name, Cultural Enrichment, Music, and Arts Foundation (CEMA), speaks to our dedication to bring together different cultures through exposure to the arts. We organize a variety of workshops, educational programs, and events to promote learning, expression and creativity. We believe that the arts play a key role in the development of the community and are a catalyst for change.


CEMA Foundation is a mission-driven organization, comprising volunteers, whose goal is to serve the multi-cultural community with cultural enrichment, music, and arts experiences. Our 501c3 not-for-profit organization is dedicated to providing the community with programs and workshops that foster creativity, expression, and learning. We serve as a beacon for the arts and culture in the community and strive to bring the community together and promote oneness through the arts.


A lot of our community events are FREE and open to the general public. We have activities for everyone! Men, women, seniors, children and good ole fashioned family fun! At our festivals, we want everyone in the community to experience the pulchritude of music and the arts first hand while raising awareness about CEMA and signing up new participants.

All CEMA programming supports the institutional mission: the annual conference “CEMAFEST”, The Personal Enhancement Development (PED) Program, “It’s Never Too Late” Senior Program, CEMA Radio and TV, as well as a vibrant Internship program. CEMA also offers special programming and events with community partners throughout the year.  Our programs are accessible and affordable to all ages, contact us today to partake in the arts with CEMA!


We firmly believe in empowering people of all ages to embrace who they are, define their future, and change the world through the arts.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide opportunities for cultural enrichment and diversity through music and the arts. We strive to foster an environment where people can come together to celebrate different cultures and traditions.

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Our Vision

We believe that by showcasing the unique values and beliefs of different cultures, we can promote understanding and respect for each other. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and inspired to express their creativity.

Our Values

Our values are the foundation of our organization and the driving force behind all of our initiatives. We are committed to making a positive impact on our community by promoting cultural awareness, providing educational and artistic opportunities, empowering individuals and communities, and promoting social responsibility and environmental sustainability. We believe that everyone has the potential to make a meaningful contribution to society, and we are proud to support and encourage individuals from all backgrounds to achieve their full potential. 

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